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LaVida sets the standard for excellence in the massage therapy industry. We are a unique massage center focused on health, education and you. LaVida Massage therapists are professionals who have been uniquely selected for their expertise in both the science and art of massage. With such a wide variety of massage therapies available, we want to provide a great selection for our Ann Arbor clients, so we can help them select the perfect massage for their needs.

Stress relief is one of the most significant benefits of relaxation massage and is an important component of a healthier lifestyle. A one-hour massage session can reduce stress by lowering the heart rate and reducing levels of insulin and cortisol.

Chair Massage Therapy near Dexter

The Chair Massage technique focuses on the manipulation of the soft tissues on the upper body, including; the head, neck, back and the shoulders which are often the source of frequent tension. When seated in a specially designed chair, the therapist has easy access to the key areas, and the result is a very targeted massage - designed to pinpoint exact areas of the body.

The muscles of the neck, shoulders and back are subjected to daily stress and often these stresses can cause body tissue to become sore and stiff. A therapist often uses his or her elbows in conjunction with the hands to apply pressure to the affected regions and muscle groups during the chair massage. The result of this gentle manipulation of tissue is muscle relaxation, and the release of tension and stress.

As such, massage therapy plays a vital role in pain management and relief. Muscle knots (also referred to as Adhesions) are the frequent cause of aches and pains, especially in the neck. The scalene muscle group in the neck is often the origin of pain that spreads throughout the shoulders, upper back, chest, hands, arms and even the side of the head. Skilled therapists can easily and effectively target the muscle groups when the guest is in the chair as well as release Trigger Points, providing the immediate relief.

Hands On...Positive Touch

In addition to these physical benefits, therapeutic massage also provides numerous psychological benefits. While sitting in the chair, guests are both mentally and physically relaxed, experience lower levels of anxiety and improved awareness and clarity of thought. As a result, guests often report improvements in sleep habits as well as lower stress/anxiety levels following regular sessions. LEARN MORE about the positive physical & mental aspects of results of regular Relaxation Massage

Corporate Chair Massage For Your Business!

No matter what your employees' duties are, the office can often be a source of stress. Presentations, deadlines, meetings and big projects can all cause the neck, back and shoulders to ache and stiffen. Corporate massage addresses this issue by making relaxation and rejuvenation part of the work day, leading to many benefits for both employees and the company as a whole.

Improving Health

Massage has been shown to relieve arthritis, boost the immune system, improve muscle and joint functioning and reduce blood pressure. These benefits make your employees feel better, allowing them to work more efficiently and miss less days of work.

Improving Overall Well-Being

Waning morale can have a major effect on a business's bottom line. Work-related problems like stress cost companies billions of dollars a year, but massage can boost morale and make employees look forward to coming into work each day. Relaxed employees are also less likely to feel anxious or hostile at work, which leads to a more positive and productive work environment.

Sports & Deep Tissue Massage Therapists for Dexter

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Effleurage is a Swedish technique that literally translates to "touch lightly." Unlike many other massage techniques, effleurage can be modified to work over large or small parts of the body. During the beginning and end of Sports Massage, Superficial Effleurage is used in order to soothe the body. After the beginning superficial effleurage, Deep Effleurage is used to apply more pressure to stretch and warm up the muscle tissue in order to prepare it for deeper massage.


Petrissage is the next step in providing a proper Sports Massage. Petrissage goes deeper in order to stimulate the underlying tissue where massage is applied while also increasing the amount of blood supplied to the area. Petrissage integrates a kneading technique that concentrates on only one muscle or small group of muscles at a time. Other common applications of Petrissage include skin rolling and picking up and squeezing the skin. Using these methods of Petrissage allows the therapist to work on individual muscles the guest is having trouble with during their Sports Massage.


Frictions are often performed for players who are injured or are about to undergo incredibly strenuous activities where injury is likely. By influencing cell behavior in soft cell tissues, friction massage helps to relieve pain from affected muscles by deeply penetrating them with several different fingertip movements. In more serious sports injuries, the frictions portion of sports massage is applied in order to help reduce scar tissue in parts of the body where build up is likely to occur. Because this type of sports massage is mostly used for those who are injured, it is important to keep in mind that integrating this technique into the Sports Massage may be painful at first, but will indeed prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Swedish & Relaxation Massages

Over time, the body builds up unhealthy amounts of stress hormones in response to work deadlines, traffic jams, relationship problems and more. These hormones can cause physical problems, like digestive issues, headaches and sleeplessness. Relaxation massage decreases the amount of stress hormones in the body, leaving clients feeling completely relaxed and rested, even after the session is over. The techniques used during the massage trigger changes in the brain's chemistry, resulting in reduced stress and an improved mood.

Relaxation Process

During the session, the guest lays on a massage table in a quiet, comforting environment. Dim lighting and soft music contribute to the peaceful atmosphere, creating the perfect setting for worries and stress to melt away. Using his or her hands, the therapist applies gentle pressure to the body, smoothly manipulating the muscle tissue. The careful rubbing and kneading of the body's outer tissue layers promotes complete relaxation of both the mind and body.

If you're interested in seeing how a massage can benefit your life, don't hesitate to book your massage online! We proudly serve the greater Dexter and Ann Arbor areas, and would love to show you why we're the #1 name for excellence! See how our team of massage therapists can change your life in only one-hour.