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Expert Facials For Dexter MI

Put your best face forward with skin care services & facials from LaVida!

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LaVida Massage of Ann Arbor specializes in providing skin care & facial services at an affordable rate. All of our facials (Ultrasonic, Deep Cleansing, Anti-Aging, Teen Acne or Corrective based) use special Dermalogica Professional skin care products. Baby Boomers all the way to the current up and coming generation are welcome here in LaVida Massage of Ann Arbor!

The LaVida Signature Facial Treatment

The LaVida Massage Custom Signature Facial is more than just a relaxing facial, but also encompasses an invigorating and comprehensive session that can, quite literally, take years off of our guest's faces! It is an experience that is unmatched by other clinical skincare service technicians. At LaVida Massage Wellness Centers, our guests are cleansed, massaged and made more beautiful.

The LaVida Massage Custom Signature Facial is a therapeutic skin treatment tailored to the needs of our each guest - treating you like the individual that you are! Our Custom Signature Facial addresses issues such as Skin Congestion, Lack of Radiance, Skin Sensitivity, Fine Wrinkle Lines, and Loss of Firmness.

Exfoliation & Extraction

Following the Deep Pore Cleanse, an Exfoliating Masque is placed on the face and allowed to sit for several minutes in order to reach deeply into several layers of skin - and the result leaving guests feeling as though they have a fresh face! Once the masque is removed, a Recovery Mist is sprayed onto the entire face, providing immediate, supplemental nutrients to the rejuvenated skin while refreshing and cooling the face.

While your masque is sitting, a pleasant massage will be offered by your esthetician. This occurs while the body is Steaming. In addition to being relaxing, the process of steaming promotes the alleviation of additional toxins that may have built up in the body as a result of daily stress. Following the massage, the therapist may ask if the guest wishes to have any waxing done.

Professional Skin Treatments and Enhancements from LaVida Massage in Dexter:

Skin Care Services

  • 30-Minute Signature Facial SessionFacials Spa Near Dexter MI | LaVida Massage Ann Arbor - designer_peel
  • 60-Minute Acne Session
  • 60-Minute Anti-Aging Session
  • AGE Smart® Anti-Aging Facial
  • BioActive™ Peel Treatment
  • LaVida Signature Facial Session
  • MediBac Clearing® Acne Facial
  • MicroZone Treatment
  • Seasonal Session
  • UltraCalming™ Sensitive Skin Facial


  • AGE Smart® Anti-Aging Enhancement
  • BioActive™ Peel Enhancement
  • MediBack Clearing® Acne Enhancement
  • UltraCalming™ Sensitive Skin Enhancement

Other Skin Care Services Offered by LaVida in Dexter

Advanced Ultrasonic Facial

Perk up your tired, dull skin with our cutting-edge Advanced Ultrasonic Facial. This low-frequency ultrasonic vibration treatment stimulates circulation, increases cell metabolism, cleans away toxins, tightens and tones, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. See phenomenal results after just one treatment! Our Ultrasonic Facial is pain free, has virtually no side effects and recommended as part of your skin care routine. Ideal for all skin types.

UltraCalming™ Sensitive Skin Facial

If you're suffering from irritated, reactive, or sensitized skin, this incredibly soothing skin treatment will bring you relief. We actually target the triggers behind redness, itching, and stinging while calming and soothing your prickly skin. With regular sessions, you can recover your overall skin health and get long-term relief from flare-ups.

MediBac Clearing® Acne Facial

This Dermalogica MediBac Clearing® treatment deep cleans your skin, removing pore-clogging skin cells to help clear your current breakout and detoxify your skin. This powerful treatment calms irritation and redness, and helps to control excess surface oil. Ideal for jump-starting your adult acne treatment regimen while helping to prevent acne well beyond the treatment.

For affordable, expert facials near Dexter, don't hesitate to book your appointment today! We're proudly located in Ann Arbor, and serve the greater area with our signature facial services, letting you put your best face forward!